"New Years Day" was conceived as an antidote to the hugely successful and time consuming "Five Thousand Days". We wanted a simple, small scale project that allowed the hundred or so members who had joined us since entries for our major retrospective had closed to take part in a BPPA endeavour for the first time and to see how The Association as a whole would respond to a small scale collaborative venture - the first, we hope, of many.

By setting the project against the background of the first of January we deliberately chose a day when the majority of the members wouldn't be out there shooting news pictures. Whilst the brief was completely open (go out there and take pictures for a web gallery) it placed the vast majority of our members in a position that they are not at all used to - having a lot more freedom and none of the direction that they are used to in their working lives as news photographers.

The selection of photographs that were submitted both surprised and delighted the small panel of members who selected the work that you see displayed here - on the web as it was intended to be seen.
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