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It takes a lot of effort from a lot of people to put a project like this together and the BPPA would like to thank the following:

  • Alex Macnaughton for having the idea in the first place
  • Alex Macnaughton, Andrew Baker, Tim Bishop, Dillon Bryden, Hazel Dunlop, Edmond Terakopian and Neil Turner for taking the time and care to edit over 900 images down to the selection featured on this website
  • The soundtrack to the gallery composed and performed by Kevin McLeod. The track is called INTUIT LOW
  • The 157 members who took the time to submit images
  • UPPA and Hot Shoe Magazine for the use (yet again) of their offices
  • Soundslides for the software that created the slideshow in the gallery.

This is the sixth major project from the BPPA since it was re-formed in 2003. We exist to promote and inspire the highest ethical, technical and creative standards from within our industry and by publishing great news photography on the internet we aim to demonstrate just how much talent there is in the UK right now.

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